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  My husband, Joe and I have been blessed with our first grandchild, a granddaughter that as you can imagine we know to be the most beautiful and sweetest creature God put on earth!  And how lucky we were chosen to be her grandparents!!  It was a very difficult nine months for our daughter, Allie and her husband Josh.  She suffered with severe hyperemesis the entire pregnancy which affected every aspect of their lives.  Allie worked very hard to keep her faith from wavering as she knew her destiny was bringing this baby girl into the world.  There were many detours and hindrances but God never wavered from His plan and purpose.   Little Maddie was born July 14. 2019.  Likewise, the past year in the life of this ministry has been wrought with hindrances and detours.  I’m honest when I tell you there were many days I wavered between faith and fear wondering how God would frame our destiny using a mobile care unit!!!

 The first time I saw a mobile unit being used for pregnancy center ministry I thought “Oh Cool!  God can we have one!” I smiled to myself and thought what a childish prayer.   That was the first time God laid on my heart the benefits of a mobile unit.  I began to pray, research, talk to other Executive Directors, pray more,  and what I thought was a childish prayer was God speaking to His child, this will be a tool we’ll use for His purposes.  I kept thinking of Paul and Silas in 1 Thessalonians 3 when they sent Timothy to Thessalonica to strengthen and encourage the believers in their faith.  I pictured this mobile care unit as the Timothy of Care Net!  So, the process began.  I will admit I wrestle often with insecurity over my calling.  I panic and fret, believing God’s decision to use me had to be reluctant and against His better judgment!   After much prayer, deliberation, strategizing, more prayer, spirited discussion, research, more prayer and more spirited discussion we as a ministry decided to proceed with the mobile unit project.  Many decisions made felt like stabs in the dark but were so determined by God and I believe now were crucial to the process.   He guided my each insecure and fretful step as it often felt like detours and sometimes even derailment.  The unit itself, the people He brought into our lives as we began to transform this big RV into a mobile care unit to be our Timothy could only have been orchestrated by God as He moved us toward our destiny.    What seemed like detours and hindrances God dovetailed into His own plan and purpose, just like our precious, little Maddie.  To feel body and soul a part of something God so beautifully and lovingly made has me continually in awe of our Heavenly Father and burn with conviction that He is at the helm!

 No matter what we do for our Father’s glory He is always revealing His beautiful and good character as He teaches us to be more like Jesus.  Isn’t that what the journey is all about?

 Blessings,Kate Erickson, Executive Director






On January 22 New York passed the Reproductive Health Act that essentially allows abortion up until the time of birth, which Governor Andrew Cuomo then signed into law amidst thunderous applause and cheering in the legislature and directed various city landmarks including the One World Trade Center to be lit up in pink to celebrate the new legislation.

 As Christians when do we say enough is enough, as Christians when do we say we will not tolerate this barbaric status quo, as Christians when do we decide it is up to every single one of us to make a difference?  And how long will God withhold His wrath on the taking of innocent life made in His own image?

At Care Net we have known the tragic truth for some time, that in fact Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.  For those of us that know exactly what abortion is and its impact on families we are struck deeply that it is now something to be callously and heartlessly celebrated.   Americans, whether they are pro-life or indecisive have been astounded by New York’s legislative expansion of abortion.  

Just as the spire of the World Trade Center shone like a beacon of evil, Christians are coming together, speaking out, and asking how can I stop this holocaust and bring good out of evil.   There are a majority of people on either side that are blinded to the gravity of the abortion issue and its impact on our culture.  We CAN overturn Roe v. Wade in our hearts and we CAN and MUST work harder to expose abortion for what it is…the taking of innocent life made in the image of God. 

 Many of you have called or come in to ask how you can help!   You can help by praying for us that the work of this life affirming ministry will continue to share the gospel, offer positive options and resources to parents, helping them through pregnancy and parenting.  You can volunteer and be on the front lines making an impact for life every day.  You can support us financially to enable our ministry to keep saving and impacting lives by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.    You can attend our annual Fundraising Banquet on April 12th.  Just as the spire of the World Trade Center shines like a beacon of evil, Care Net shines the light of life to countless women, children, and their families.

 How is God calling you to be a beacon of light and hope to the most vulnerable among us?   To speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves?  

 Just imagine what all those birthday candles would look like!

 Yours for Life,



Each One Reach One, The Care Net National Conference 2018

 Having just returned from the National Care Net Conference in Atlanta the staff and I began to unpack all the information we received.  And a multitude of information it was…somewhat overwhelming to say the least!!  It is so exhilarating to recognize we are part of this Pro-Live Movement and part of something so much bigger than ourselves.  I was very excited to be in Anne Pierson’s Leadership class and I was prepared to hear about  the latest strategies, techniques to be the most up-dated leader ever…(maybe trying to be “the cool director”  I don’t know maybe not so much).  It was so lovely as  Anne shared stories from her remarkable time as a leader in the pro-life movement.  Anne and her late husband Jim founded the House of His Creation in 1973, a home for pregnant women.  They personally lived and worked with over 200 women and birth fathers.   Anne truly lived out her message to us that day, to love others above yourself, to put others before yourself….I really began to contemplate that seemingly simple command from Jesus.  And then I remembered something a dear friend told me, Love is a choice. 

 My next workshop was taught by Tom Glessner, the President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA), a public interest law firm founded in 1993 and committed to legal counsel and training for Pregnancy Resource Centers. NIFLA represents more than 1,350 Pregnancy Resource Centers across the country.  He was also president of the Christian Action Council now Care Net from 1987 to 1992.  In addition to some very interesting history about our founding fathers and the Constitution he talked about the suit NIFLA filed against the “California 2015 Reproductive Fact Act” which required Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers to post a sign in 22 point font advertising the availability of abortion as a state funded service with a phone number to schedule an abortion consultation.  In essence turning pregnancy centers into abortion referral centers.  The motion for preliminary injunction was denied by the trial court and the Court of Appeals.   So, the journey began for the appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States.   The appeal hearing was granted.  NIFLA vs. Becerra would decide whether pregnancy center ministry as we know it would end.  Pregnancy Center Directors across this nation held their collective breath and fell to their knees in prayer beseeching God that this could not stand.  On March 20, 2018 history was made when SCOTUS gave victory to pregnancy centers.  Justice Clarence Thomas writes the opinion in a 5-4 decision joined by Justices Roberts, Kennedy, Alito, and Gorsuch.  The majority opinion said that “California’s Reproductive Fact Act” is compelled speech and as such is an unconstitutional violation of the free speech rights of pregnancy centers.  The most poignant  moment of this workshop came when I heard someone sitting behind me softly crying.  She thanked Mr. Glessner through her quiet tears for his efforts and as I reached out to her she explained, “ I am a California Pregnancy Center Director and my staff would daily beg me to break the law and not post the signs.”  She continued through tears, “You don’t know how hard that time was and how conflicted I was but I had to trust God.”   As you can imagine my heart went out to her in a huge way.  I had to ask myself, what would I have done…Could I have trusted God enough and would I have chosen to love others more than myself…One thing I do know we came very close 5-4… And I know my God is an AWESOME GOD!!  Praise be to God for the victory was won on a cross over 2000 years ago! 

 “ …I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  Words spoken by Jesus, John 10:10


Kate Erickson

Executive Director


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